Chronicles of Charandril

A new continent was discovered a few months ago! Brave settlers, adventurers and influential prospectors are flocking there, hoping to find new lives and new fortunes.

Though the Northern Kingdom and the Alliance of Southron States have enjoyed a four-year peace, the prospect of new territories is likely flare up conflict between the two factions again…

Meanwhile, the Island's ruler, a ruthless blue dragon named Charon, isn't happy with this incursion of foreign powers. He will test the strength of these invaders by sending his legion of Hobgoblins at the newly settled towns, with moderate success.

Under the advice of an Arcanaloth, who sailed to Erune with a group of rogue sorcerers, Charon will begin to subjugate the settlers, forcing them and their kingdoms to send him tribute in exchange for their lives. When they send him armies instead, war will inevitably break out.

Only by combining their forces will the North and South be able to defeat the Legion of Charon, but the wounds of the war run deep, and there are plenty of factions that would profit from this conflict: War is a profitable business, after all…

Amidst the chaos, a race of long-dead serpent worshippers returns from their exodus to the elemental plane of air, bringing with them terrifying weapons.

Our intrepid group of adventurers finds themselves in strange new lands, caught in a four-way conflict. Which side will they choose, and which side will win? Who will rule Erune?


Chronicles of Charandril